Post my property

Post my property

At BalkanStay, we strive to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for both property owners and guests. Before posting your property on our platform, we kindly ask you to review and adhere to the following disclaimer:

Accurate Representation: Property owners are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information about their accommodations, including amenities, availability, pricing, and policies. Misrepresentation of any aspect of the property may result in the removal of the listing from our platform.

Responsibility for Content: Property owners are solely responsible for the content they post on BalkanStay, including property descriptions, photos, and other media. Content must be original, non-infringing, and in compliance with our content guidelines.

Communication with Guests: Property owners are expected to maintain open and honest communication with guests throughout the booking process. Prompt responses to inquiries, clear communication of booking details, and timely assistance during the guest’s stay are essential for a positive guest experience.

Cancellation and Refund Policies: Property owners must clearly outline their cancellation and refund policies for guests’ reference. Any changes to these policies must be communicated promptly to guests and reflected accurately on the listing.

Guest Reviews and Feedback: Property owners should encourage guests to provide honest and constructive feedback about their stay. Reviews help build trust and credibility within the BalkanStay community and provide valuable insights for future guests.

Privacy and Data Protection: Property owners must respect the privacy and data protection rights of guests and comply with all applicable data protection laws. Personal information collected from guests should be handled securely and used only for the purpose of facilitating their stay.

By posting your property on BalkanStay, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this disclaimer. We reserve the right to remove any listings or take appropriate action against property owners who violate these terms.


Listing property Guide How do I list my property?

– Navigate to Add my property ( 

1. Basic Information

1.1 Property Name is field for inputing your Property name

1.2 Category – You have to choose your right category that describes your property (Entire House, Apartment, Room, Bungalow, Hut….)

1.3 Features – Choose all Features that your property disposes with.





2. Location

2.1 Adress – Write Adress of your property , You can use Friendly address (Only street, without exact number)

2.2 Region – Country – You have to choose country where your property is Based.

2.3 Google Maps Place ID- If your property is already available on Google , you can provide Place ID to clone reviews from Google Maps Place ID




3. Gallery – Upload photos from your property and Drag and drop the images to re-order, by clicking on photo you will set it as Featured image (main image)





4. Details

4.1 Description and House Rules – Use this field to describe your property to impress your potential Guests and set House Rules.

4.2 Regular Price – This field is price per night for Week days (Monday-Friday) and this price is used to show on list sticky badge.

5.2 Weekend Price – This field is price per night for Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)




5. Property Setup

5.1 , 5.2 , 5.3 , 5.4 – How many * are in your property?

5.5 Check In time – When Check In starts for any date?

5.6 Check Out time –  When Check Out expire for any date?




6. Prices and settings

6.1 Regular Price – Enter price per night for Week days (Mon – Friday)

6.2 Weekend Price – Enter price per night for Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

6.3 Minimum stay – Choose how many days is minimum to require for booking?

6.4 Maximum number of guests –  Choose how many guests you can fit at your property?

6.5 Enable Instant Booking – If you Enable it , your bookings wilл be approved immediately. We highly recommend to Enable this function.

6.6 Enable Price per Guest – If you are about to take payments from number of Guests Enable this button. Prices per night (Regular and Weekend) will multiply with Guests.

6.7 Email Message to Guest – Use this field to say Hi to your Guest after you approve their reservation. You can provide them payment duration, any PIN or their identical number for reservation.